hey all to you taggie people:rayts, im on blogger temporarily while im out of manila. when i have time ill work on html again for my pages 🙂 in the meantime, just enlarge your text viewing size or something hehehe

poink123! sayang i had to log off almost immediately when i caught you online. anyhu hope to see you soon! love this song too, it’s such a happy song although ive no idea what it’s about hahaha

hey cuzinedge! yeah, i havent gotten to scanning my pics yet. and im working on film since i got here (almost no digital pics except for one pic of me hehehe which ill be using to change my profile pic). update ka na din no! 🙂 see ya soon!

macb! hey! ill be back in manila around nov, but it looks like i might be extended for a few more weeks than expected. but im having the time of my life, riding on deluxe buses in the middle of the night for 14 hours while battling the elements and fatigue, seeing this side of the philippines, taking 30 peso tricycle rides and interneting on islands, conversing with different languages and still making sense. crazy world! im so blessed hehehe praise the Lord!

darlene and carla! hello you both! hope to see you soon at crl!

artistmonk, how come i sound better when im traveling? do i make sense even? hehehe where are you right now? im just glad i still have this outlet to let the world know that im enjoying every minute of God’s opportunities for growth and creative chuvas.

kimchiboi, when are you coming back to the pinas? zambo is interesting but im enjoying the mountains more. and yeah, i also cant wait for gensan’s lake sebu. they said it’s the best! and im still climbing more mountains there! hehehe

drei! i WILL ukay again in baguio soon. in the meantime im checking out zambo, gensan, cagayan de oro, butuan, surigao, and cubao muna hehehehe hope to see you off your plateau soon. ciao mi amigo!to the rest, have a great week! enjoy! cheers! and God bless!


3 thoughts on “taggies

  1. jegs says:

    at least 3 mountains and 5 climbs after, i’ll be back in manila. hope to see you again sa Lantern Parade! enjoy your trip!^^

  2. *poink* says:

    waaaah…na-delete yung message ko! haha, so THAT’s what that little icon was. hmp.

    nyhoo, hope you read my message before i absent-mindedly deleted it. nyar. miss ya!


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