in davao

i was delayed going to general santos because the boat didnt arrive at 8am saturday as it should. reports said a man fell overboard, thus explaining the delay. mygas! at least that gave me a last-minute opportunity to see more of zambo city. girlie and roland and i went to la vista del mar hopefully to check out the vintas but there werent any. we then went to the yakan village and take pics of them weaving. i even got to know the guy (brainy ilul) who weaved (wove?) the yakan bag i bought. coolness! we then visited fort pilar before heading back to the pier.the boat was then supposed to arrive at 3pm (7 hours delayed) and leave at 5. by 5 we were only about to board but not before getting rained on and taking shelter in container vans on the pier! the boat finally left 7.30pm.

but hey, what i thought was an 8 hour trip to general santos had to take longer. the stupid boat would be stopping over davao first (15hours) before heading for general santos. so i got here davao 1pm today (sunday). since general santos is only 3 hours away by bus (as suppose to 8hours on that damned ship), i got off and met with cuzin aron before i head off to the bus terminal for the 6pm bus.

see the city, enjoy the sights! unfortunately it rained this afternoon and davao looked dreary under falling water. nevertheless, was able to buy medicine and additional minidv tapes and check my email before heading for lake sebu where ill be immersed in more environmental and cultural issues with the t’bolis for a week.

coolness! hi to all! wish you were here *sniff* to see all the wonderful stuff the philippines has to offer 😀 ashteg!


One thought on “in davao

  1. drei says:

    i so love davao!! daming memories! great malls! metropolis na rin! great people! nice beaches. hehe. =D

    general santos is good too! daming pineapples at tuna.

    enjoy ben!!

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