the return of the comeback, part 2

ok, by midnight tonight ill be off to davao and to gensan and to marbel and to surallah then to lake sebu by lunchtime tomorrow. im going back! still have a few interviews to catch and a few more places to shoot. my sked is really killing me, my boss in manila is already looking for me and was expecting me to be back in mandaluyong middle of october. and here i am still going round mindanao.

mindanao is soo much fun. everything is practically accessible by bus. and the traveling just adds to the charm of the place. cruising through foggy nights across mountains and plains and waking up in a different city the next day, though not entirely strange and unfamiliar. the spirit of the pinoy lives on and the more islands and hills you explore the more you realize what a wonderful place the philippines is, and how the government is doing a rather crappy job looking after it.

see you all soon. and perhaps more stories later too. just got another set of my photos from the developers this morning. more pictures of t’boli women dancing, and a few more of my nieces and nephew. cheers y’all! 🙂


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