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back from pampanga and still alive

had to work out the remains on the shoot of dante mendoza’s new film, now currently titled “agua de mayo,” title courtesy of service driver andy oyo-a.

im still alive, thank God. it’s been a harrowing experience shooting the reception scenes. who would have thought the costume rentals didnt send johnny delgado and cherry pie picache’s barong with the rest of the gowns? and we were to shoot in 10 minutes? and the barongs are to come from angeles pa, about 30 to an hour away? and liza lorena arrives on the set in pampanga and realizes her wigs and accessories are left in antipolo (and you cant get angry because she’s such a nice person)?

and you begin to run out of food props because the extras started eating them all up? and they didnt bring polos and some came wearing spaghetti straps for a wedding? and the waiters didnt bring enough uniforms with them? and i sent for a few more? and the waiters forgot to bring them down the service vehicle? and when we were to start shooting the service vehicle suddenly left? and you run out of excuses? and there really is no way to take out the frown on my forehead except at end of the day because it’s the end of the day?
still from the film currently shooting (pics by julius). here is gammy viray, johnny delgado and alan paule (seated on the couch).

kaleldo 1

pic of cherry pie fixing her lapel (body mic). there’s me, direk dante and AD william.

kaleldo 2

it’s hard working production designer when your director is also a PD. the pressure can be terribly mind-blowing. i wont go into details, all i can do is keep my head at bay and continue working. although i learned that in this line of work there are no quitters (patayan na kung patayan), im near collapsing and giving up already. yet life goes on and perhaps something good will do come out of this. thus the wind continue to blow through angel aquino’s hair.

pic of me (in a more relaxed mode) and juliana palermo in between takes. at least i can still joke around with juliana while preparing for the next setup. she of course is bisaya (from davao, we first worked together in and she is jus very kalog and easy to work with. people will see her in a different light in this film, it’s a far cry from her public image, and her character here showcases her real easy-going self.

juliana palermo and ben padero

juliana palermo

it’s almost 9pm and i havent had dinner. will get back to you.

(2 hrs after dinner – box o’ rice jamalaya regular)


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