i want the boxed set!!!

batman begins is awesome! gives me reason to love the character more. i havent explored the books but ive been a fan of the first two films and although continuity is disrupted from this prequel to the next two films by tim burton, it doesnt matter either way. batman begins is batman.

fantastic cast! fantastic script! it nailed me the first few minutes into the film! direction was great, nolan didnt disappoint. he understood well the man behind the mask, the man who is defined not by who he is but by his actions. the thesis of this superhero is that he never had supernatural powers. and this batman isnt superhuman. he gets bruises and he falls down too. it’s fascinating being privy to the psyche of the bat-man. he clearly has his issues. and when he picks himself up, we cheer.

too bad bateman’s kevlar suit wasnt inherited by his descendant michael keaton who wore rubber suits in the supposed next two films, which protected him from bullets at point blank but suffered punctures from catwoman’s nails. im not the least disappointed, tim burton’s versions were fun (batman) and bittersweet (batman returns). nolan’s was memorable.

like i said, kill schumacher. “off with his head.”
vicky vale: “i like men in black rubber.”
batman: “try a fireman. less to take off.”
– batman (1990)

batman: “why are you doing this? let’s just take him to the police, then go home together. don’t you see, we’re the same, split down the middle. Please.”
catwoman: “bruce, I could live with you in your castle forever. just like in a fairy tale. i just couldn’t live with myself. so don’t pretend this is a happy ending.”
– batman returns (1992)


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