im nowhere in sight

ive been a bit lost since september 2005. i dont know where im going, dont know where ive been. i wanna pick up the pieces of this life-puzzle but im back to square ten where i sift through debris and ash and there’s just too much wind. im turning to stone and i woke up this morning not knowing what the hell im doing with my life. to write would help me organize my past but no time to write. there are always excuses, it’s too hot, the pen isn’t black, im having writers’ block, it’s too hot, the paper’s not homey, i’ve no computer, it’s day again.

i want to break free.

dear sir dante, i had fun working with you but i just need to do something else. im leaving the company. perhaps in the future i will find myself here working with you again but i just have to fly off. im resigning effective may 31. im grateful for all ive learned from you and the 2 years we’ve worked on projects and films, 2 years we worked on dreams and visions. im grateful, indeed. many thanks!



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