casino royale

casino royalejames bond is HOT HOT HOT! when once upon a long time ago ursula andres emerged from the water in her bikini and became pinupgirl all-woman icon embodying feminity and ubber sexiness, now it’s daniel craig’s james bond coming out of the water in his trunks and breaking all molds of crazy sexy all-male icon chervanes that brought even straight men drooling and breaking into sweat hahaha

what is it with bond and getting wet? throughout the film he was drenched in sweat, in other parts he was taking a bath or coming out of the sea. haha

the movie was super fun, still bond with a few departures from the formula, which made it more fun. the film made light of bond’s humanity, much like what scorsese and lloyd-webber did to last temptation of christ and jesus christ superstar respectively. astig !


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