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trip to lunch 1

because we’re both so busy working on costumes for univ of makati’s kahapon ngayon at bukas, the idea of cooking is taxing enough and a waste of precious time from crocheting yards of straw into collar pieces and grass skirts. so normally carlo and i would frequent outdoor katipunan (as suppose to eating in) in search of glorious food.

the default choices for places to eat is a categorized lot. you want japanese? kitaro is the place to be. how about meat ergo sisig? rice trucks at the overpass area in between miriam and ateneo. dessert? xocolat. caffeine fix? seattle’s best. go cheap? buy from the eatery next door and eat in.

kitaro katipunan has become a favorite tho, more than teriyaki boy which locates itself right outside the row apartments we live in. the usual order would be chicken teriyaki for me and mixed tempura for carlo. on occasion we order sashimi. service is good and food is more than ok. it’s become home. haha

rice trucks is also another favorite sisig place. the generous share of chicaron does make their dish more than ordinary. and the lady behind the counter is bisaya. she knows my rice is served separately from the hot plate. and the c2 must have ice.

the neighboring sisig house is fantastic, great sisig there but afterwards you get a head trip from too much cholesterol. their sisig is pretty rich, chopped skin, ears and stuff, globs of liver and brain, real skin chicaron and a whole lot of other fatty oily food matter! masarap pero mamamatay ka ! bakit nga ba lahat ng bawal masarap?

xocolat’s homey ambience is a real come-on for us. and their dessert (brownies original sin, adult, peanut butter chuvas) is to die for! tried the hot chocolate drink and it seemed i had to spoon the drink instead of drink it because it was so rich.

im a sucker for cheesecakes now but good ones are hard to find in katipunan tho. so far there’s only bo’s coffee house (red ribbon cheesecakes isnt all that great and ive yet to try sweet inspi’s offer). and theyre pretty good but p125 is pretty steep even for its big slice.

more on katipunan fare when i get hungry again. time to get back to work. cheers and bon appetit!


One thought on “trip to lunch 1

  1. Tina R. Diaz says:

    ja, you made me hungry just reading about your lust for sari saring pagkain, wish i was young like you and did’nt have to worry about cholesterol, blood pressure and all that other sickness that comes from eating food. anyway, i’m very proud of you, you sound really good, happy and doing what you like the most. have you seen uncle ramon lately. call him sometime and hook up with him for lunch just to keep in touch. you don’t want to loose that connection. he’s my family and he’ll be there for you in times of emergency. did i tell you that 1 hour after i landed in hawaii from my our trip there my hubag went away and never came back. i was so happy to be home when i got in my mercedes benz to drive somewhere i was so happy i cried. i never fully appreciated my car and realized the luxury of it till that moment. ay, what a feeling, ang sharap sharap ng peeling, nakwa. love you ben, you were the best, you put up with all my frustrations and bullshit, you were there for me when i was really feeling low, salamat kaayo sa tanan lab, tita tins

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