remember when it rained


tatems joven and i watched the josh groban concert yesterday. at first i thought it was funny that i was watching him live yet i had the feeling i was only watching a concert dvd. later on, josh turned on his charm and we got into the groove. definitely made the expensive balcony ticket price worth it haha

the concert was fun. of course when you watch a concert you clap and cheer– well, i do that even when im watching tv shows, from musicals to home makeovers. and here, we clapped and cheered indeed. it was great listening to josh sing the prayer with lani misalucha, they did a really good version. i love some of josh’s new songs, including “remember when it rained” but his old romantic hits are real crowd pleasers.


when josh started out in the biz he did a lot of retro classical slash light opera kind of songs. now, like colleague michael buble, he’s doing a bit more pop rock. im loving it but im kinda worried on what it will do to his voice. towards the end of the concert, josh’s voice started to strain. but im just glad he just kept on singing after saying goodbye for about 3 times haha more for your money 😀 cheers y’all!


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