serbis lashing

serbis 2 revised small.jpg

wow. the reviews for serbis are hot! scalding hot! except for a few, all the reviews are negative! hahaha one even went on to write, “What’s the worst so far? That’s easy. It’s Philippine director Brillante Mendoza’s “Serbis.” another wrote “overall thumbs down to Serbis, a shambolic picture of life in a Filipino porn cinema.” and my last post on serbis is filled with comments berating on bing lao being a brocka relic and dante’s supposed unoriginality. carlo and i were involved in the making of serbis (design part, not the writing) and this doesnt discount the fact that we are part and parcel of it. rather unfortunate for dante though that this film is getting worldwide lashing from critics and audiences mainly because since it’s on cannes, most everybody gets to see it and comment. otherwise, indie movies like this would have only generated curses from a few horny curious movie patrons at some sleazy cinema in recto who are just waiting to get serviced. how ironic haha


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