so the new iPhone 3G is almost here. according to news, theyll be released 8am july 11 in the states. what about us in the 3rd world? i dunno. perhaps if you have some rich uncle in the freeworld you could ask him to send you one. unfortunately there are a few pros and cons as i just found out through yahoo.

also if you were getting the phone through AT&T (apparently they have a 5-year exclusive contract with apple to carry iPhones in the US; in the Philippines, Globe will carry iPhone 3G), there are additional charges on top of their released price of $199 and $299 per unit. so parang hindi din siya ganun ka-cheap considering youre locked in for 2 years in contract.

Will the new iPhone also be available here in the Philippines?
Yes—the iPhone 3G is “coming soon” to the Phillippines, although Apple hasn’t given a specific date yet. Here’s a complete listing of countries slated to get the iPhone.

Will this new phone work outside the U.S.?
Yes indeed—it will work on any GSM network, including those in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Can you send pictures between iPhones?
The iPhone doesn’t support picture mail, a.k.a. MMS (multimedia messaging). Then again, there’s nothing stopping you from sending pictures to iPhone-toting pals via the iPhone’s email client.

Is the camera on the new iPhone gonna be as useless as on the first iPhone? What about a flash?
Apple has confirmed that the camera on the iPhone 3G is the same 2-megapixel model as on the original—and nope, there’s still no flash. Personally, I’m fine with the iPhone’s camera, and besides, the little flashes on most camera phones are too weak to appreciably improve picture quality. That said, if you hated the iPhone camera before, you’ll still hate it on the 3G version.

im hopeful for greenhills to carry the iPhone 3G as well hehehehe otherwise, id probably stick to my reliable sony ericksson until the next big phone comes along. its camera is crappy but i prefer shooting on an slr any day. then perhaps ill just get an iPod touch instead? hmmm…


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