mamma mia

finally watched mamma mia. everybody knows abba and whether you like it or not, youre all familiar with their music. heard of the musical years back but had no idea how itd work out. all i know was that it was a hit so i was excited meryll was doing the film (exec produced by power couple tom hanks and wife rita wilson). meryll frontlined the casting of evita in the movie version (along with michelle pfeiffer) before madonna eventually got the role. everybody waited a bit before we could hear her sing her guts out in a musical.

the first part of the film was frivolous and i didnt get into the act so much. it was fun yes but may be a bit stretched. however, when it got to “voulez-vous,” to meryll’s heartwrenching rendition of “the winner takes it all” and all the way to the end, the musical was a winner. the people in the screening applauded at the end of the film (gateway LFS july 25 2008 ) and that was great. wonderful night cap playing “thank you for the music” at the credits. sweet!


2 thoughts on “mamma mia

  1. Patsy says:

    i agree gaw… dli pa kaayo ka ma amazed sa first na song ni meryll pero pag abot sa “voulez-vous” towards the end, lingaw na kaayo… hehehe.. lingaw ko actually sa overall sa movie. 🙂

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