the dark knight

im still hyperventilating. i give you 5 FUCKING STARS AND A GAZILLION F#%@#(*_#NG GALAXIES. THIS FILM IS F#$*@)(*#$( GENIUS !!!!

carlo and i watched the film too late in its run. both of us felt like nolan had a certain “indie” independence to his cut, the film was very personal and so rooted in a gotham kind of realism (i wouldnt want to live there in that sense). and they didnt censor out the pervading darkness and gloom. in fact, all batman movies should have been this dark!

ultimately, the success of the film was how gotham city was made real, the chaos made by its psychotic residents, the run-ins with the gotham police personified by the fantastic gary oldman, and the resident rodent billionare struggling in its unhealthy balance of good and evil. ive loved tim burton’s version but nolan’s effect is immediate and spot-on.

and gyllenhall was great. katie holmes’ quirky dawson-creeky face was disturbing and it gets in the way of things. maggie’s turn was just right. if at all, i prefer her to katie anyday.

dont even make me start on heath ledger. i dont think i have enough space or energy to fully comprehend what he has done. he is GENIUS!!! and apart from being a magnificent actor, he is also a team player the fact that he plays off the other characters without spoiling their star turns (that how i feel anyway).

rest in peace heath ledger, rest in peace


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