post christmas

back in manila yes for another year of slaving off and enjoying everything that life offers. i had a great christmas vacation of course, went home to cdo and visited bohol. was able to attend two weddings (cuzin ace’s with jing and idol butch with vida in bohol) and was able to eat from a total of 8 lechons. the christmas parties were all great and i was able to buy that big E.T. stuffed toy displayed for 3 years in ketkai.

when i was about to leave, the cagayan river flooded and overflowed, wiping out the homes of thousands of people living in the lowlands and riverside. my flight to manila was also cancelled that day because of the weather and i flew the day after. now back in semi-daily grind, im currently working on pon’s magazine layout while catching up on things i missed: 47L wi-fi, katipunan food fare, carlo and nuk. life is great.

will be posting more photos soon. for more padero pics (dec24), proceed here.


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