in mendanaw

been a while since my last post. although im not at a loss of significant events, i just dont have the time to blog any of my significant moments in life. sometimes, you just let life take its course and not over-analyze things by making comments on a blog. or romanticize things by masking mundane things into pseudo-profound reflections.

anyhu yes im in mindanao. ive been taking the journey to my hometown every june (and december) to catch up with family, particularly with my parents. that’s why when im home i normally just stay in all day, tinkering and mousing around, making small talk with my mom and dad over lunch or something. sometimes we go to the beach and yes, sundays are for church and then breakfast at my grandparents’ house.

in the last two years, carlo has been accompanying me to cdo. it’ll be my birthday on sunday and im pretty damn old. when i was in college, id make a small advanced celebration during the summer before i head for classes in manila. now im no longer tied to that schedule and am able to enjoy my birthday at home.

the most important thing to remember is not how you grow old, but how you grow up. age is insignificant. a toast to life, love and mysteries. Godbless!


2 thoughts on “in mendanaw

  1. “…romanticize things by masking mundane things into pseudo-profound reflections”.

    -this is so true! it makes me wonder what kind of a blog i have when most of the entries revolve around the photos i take of my amazement of the things around me. but then again, i do end up romanticizing things by masking mundane things into pseudo-profound reflection. hehehe. 😛

  2. i used to do this a lot when i was “younger.” now i realize i need not romanticize because life is fantastic even without the sugar coating 🙂 hehehe cheers and have a super day!

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