birthday 2009

my birthday this year fell on a sunday. wala lang. pulled out my curtains from the room and set up the buffet in the garden. we cleaned up the house for the guests, mainly family and a handful of friends –i could count them with one hand.  decided not to bring in too many old classmates, i miss out on the gossip from the titas hehehe im kidding. carlo, ivo-may and my mom cooked while mamane, tabex and tacox brought over desserts and the salad. tita-an sponsored the coke products (coke sakto, coke zero and minute maid). ako endorser –check out my shirt. anyhu im thrilled to be celebrating yet again at home. no cake this time though hehe di na uso

this little piggy went to party

that’s the karekare (veggies separated for more happiness) and tuna pasta by carlo

buffet setup, with chaffing dish servers pa and metallic 2-tone curtains hahaha

ice cream c/o tatems

the titas and cuzins invading my unkept room for a photo op

the birthday girl (june29) talking to tatems

daddy ongcs (my grandpa)

aileen with ryan, doc carlo with jenny

invoking susan boyles

lucas singing the main theme from transformers series (with matching instrumentations) watch here

gemini in my room

more photos here at my multiply site


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