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my new bed. yihee

aside from the trip home, my birthday gift for myself was this custom-made bedframe (my design). this is a result of years of contemplation, visualization and prayers.  i was undecided whether i were to do a daybed sofa kind of bed or one with a tufted leather headboard.  eventually factors of size and bed position dictated i get this. also, originally i asked the carpenter to stain the wood black.  he wasnt able to do it so i said ill do it nalang. but the antique finish, light stain grew on me, and surprisingly went well with my grey walls.

was able to enjoy sleeping on the new bed for three days before i flew back to manila.  see you again in december!  tita an, dili na pwede himuon bodeyga akong kwarto ha! bawal !


2 thoughts on “my new bed. yihee

    • thanks dong 🙂 this is in CDO. im waiting for the prices of 42″ lcd TVs to drop further before i get one para mapares sa akong new bed. libre man ang mudamgo diba? 🙂

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