to the grocery

it’s 10.22 in the evening. we just came from rustans fresh in katipunan. bought some beef (australian beef breakfast steak slices at p103 for 4 pieces) for dinner. tried identifying what happy food i wanted and realized ive been craving for beef pepper steak for days now. got pepper steak sauce also (expensive at p93 for 165ml); had to try it. we’re now back home and while waiting for the hawaiian brown rice to cook (courtesy of tita tina), i continue doing my sketches for tomorrow’s preprod while listening to nirvana’s (most awesome) mtv unplugged album.

chuvaness swore on the freshly squeezed oranged prepared by this squeezing machine in rustans and packaged in del monte bottles. decided to try out the smallest bottle (for p86 a pop) and it was actually good. i do think im a fan now. You Like This.

carlo pulled out some frozen onion rings and shrimp dumplings from the freezer while i contemplated on young pork tocino or nuggets. i decided to forego both and settled on the beef. also got flypaper as the newborn mice at home are getting comfortable, skipping over the kitchen floor like nursery kids on the way home.

ive already laid out the sticky traps, waiting vigilantly but it’s been 30 minutes and no mice. have their mothers warned them of such perils and kept them at bay in the safety of their little holes in my dvd cabinet? hmmm…

and the longer i keep on blogging, the less time i get to finish my sketches. till the next!


One thought on “to the grocery

  1. may says:

    i miss the freshly squeezed orange juice.(chuy ang squeezing machine)..suppose to bring one bottle in cagayan,also the gourmet tuyo(forgot to buy)…i’d like to go back to rustans fresh…had a great time doing grocery with you and carlo…

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