cory memorial

lea salonga singing bayan ko

in celebration of cory’s life, these performances are highlights during the last service at the manila cathedral before the late president’s body was brought to the manila memorial park in paranaque. lea salonga’s performance was stunning and flawless. [side comment: ito dapat ang qualities ng national artist: artistic excellence of the highest level (excellent na, highest pa). at nationalistic (proud to be pinoy) *comment posted on facebook].

sarah, as young as she is, delivered a rousing rendition of magkaisa. kudos to you! and the APO hiking society leads the singing of jim paredes’ handog ng pilipino sa mundo. makabagbag damdamin. tama ba tagalog ko?  it’s interesting to note that in the ANC coverage, the cameras only showed mostly the APO with lea salonga and zsa zsa padilla singing while everybody else were relegated to the background.  later on, i saw the abscbn footage in this youtube video and apparently piolo was part of the group singing, and he was focused a lot by the cameras here. hmmm

APO all star cast singing handog ng pilipino sa mundoo


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