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living on water: the wave of the future


with regards to the continued melting of the polar ice caps and the greenhouse effect, this danish design can very well be the solution to living in the future. venice is also practically a floating city and soon we would have to move into communities like this. i dont mind the retro look, im actually loving it. i just hope the structure could withstand erratic waves and storms. maybe we need to live within a walled city (like in the waterworld movie) for at least some protection against getting washed off into the ocean. walls kinda brings us back to ancient times but i guess history does have its way of coming to you.

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i wanna i wanna

apartment therapy; from the Ikea 2010 catalogue

a few weeks back carlo and i had dinner with gian and rizza. that night proved enlightening as i found myself answering a few questions ive long suppressed. “how now, brown cow?” “so what now?” “are we there yet?” life is a pretty long ride, and a year of success would not necessarily translate to a lifetime of comfort. doing prod design for ads is backbreaking work but fun. and yet, i feel im in a cycle, a routine of dressing up aspirational middle class homes with SM merchandise and countless broad-C mother figures with silver stud earrings and khaki slacks. i have to do something else besides this. i have to create a backup plan. something that would support my needs financially, emotionally and most important, creatively.

i reckoned i take design further beyond the chroma-walled studios. id venture into interior design. better yet, ill get into production and merchandising for a home line. beds, benches, draperies and sheets. im over my head of details but i feel this could be a wonderful opportunity to stretch my capabilities not only in design but also in business and marketing. one thing ive learned in advertising, the product may be key but to take it to soaring heights, you need an effective tagline, kickass packaging and a winning marketing plan. of course i havent dropped off the dream of directing my own feature length in the future, but for now, id want to venture into this.

yes, it is a bit ambitious, and i havent even fleshed out the specifics yet, but cowardice never got people anywhere. we’ll see where this will take us. but first, i need to clean my room. in the words of madonna, “heaven help me… (when you call my name, it’s like a little prayer).”  cheers!


yellow ribbons

the former president passed away at 3am this morning. the rain today is appropriate for the collective feelings of her countrymen, mourning for her loss, mourning for the state of the nation. her influence extends beyond her capacity as a person and as a president. nobody else could be a symbol of hope for many, nobody else could match up to her sincerity, her spirituality, her love for the country.

i was very young in mindanao when the people power revolution raged on edsa. i couldnt own up to my experiences to say i was affected by the change, but i lived through not knowing how it felt to be under martial rule. and for a president that prayed much, i could say i also lacked of it.

i posted the yellow ribbons on our facebook profiles in keeping wake with her fragile state in the hospital.  now we keep the yellow ribbons in mourning of her passing.  belatedly i thank her for giving the country a glimmer of hope in this desperate times of power-hungry and ambitious people who forgot what they were supposed to do. i thank ninoy, and i thank cory for teaching me we could still do more for our country, 1 prayer and 1 step at a time.