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corned tuna


got a text last night to let me know the full version of the san marino tvc will be airing at 9pm. the dingdong-marian ad was shot on location in zambales, particularly on camara island.  wish theyd air a 45-seconder as the current version seems too short in fleshing out the telenovela-ish story.


for this ad, i worked on the set design mainly, dingdong and marian had their own respective stylists.  the beach bar/deli shop was a joy to look at, and it got roughly 4 seconds of screen time (lalo na yung first 2 frames of house interiors with about a second each hehe).  here’s posting more photos during the shoot.  kudos to the artdep lolafer, carlo, syrel, ivan and to buboy setman and his boys for a job well done.  yey!  more photos after the jump.

pretty pretty pretty

that’s me with direk raul

pretty deli shop by the beach.  love the details by syrel

adjusting their champagne glasses filled with slightly colored sprite.  a candle-lit dinner of corned tuna at dusk? a nightmare to shoot.  you cant stop time or the sun setting.

much of the details of dingdong’s house set is left in the dark. but i like the minimalist setup and BW color pallette i did on this set. champagne flute shaped stainless steel bar lights, fat beer glasses (like stemless goblets but bigger), black plates on a grey woven placemat (seriously, who still uses placemats? what happened to plate chargers?) on a white counter/bar table with a black trim.  dont forget the grey linen napkins and the egg-shaped, brushed-aluminum salt shaker.  yumm

in fernez, the corned tuna is actually tastier than its main competitor (century tuna).  the big bosses gave us a bag of the product after the shoot.  at home we had this with toasted bread and it indeed has less oil (ergo more tuna) and was delicious right out of the can.  im beginning to sound like an endorser but it’s one of those products that deliver what it promises. i just hope they sustain this.  as for dingdong and marian, they actually look good as a couple.  and despite not having confirmed they are in a relationship, while shooting this commercial it looks like they are a couple.  cheers!


11 thoughts on “corned tuna

  1. Awesome! Galing ng pagkakagawa, It looks like a movie nung teaser. I’m pretty sure may continuation ito. Naipakita yung love ni Yan at Dong dito sa TVC nila and we’ll I guess in love ka din hehehe. Chos! Congrats!!!

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