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grey walls this time


i recently posted a reblog on black walls.  ive already mentioned i painted my bedroom wall in the province a color grey.  most people were shocked by the idea but were pleased upon seeing the actual wall.  i mixed a cool platinum grey paint batch and gave the rest to my sister (who also then painted her bedroom wall grey).  im still looking for a wall treatment on the opposite side of my room.  maybe a glossy formica black wall or a black and white brocade as wall paper (at p1,400 per yard at larry’s, it’s pretty damn expensive), black slate tiles or a textured paint job.  anyway, here are a few other interesting grey wall options you might wanna do in your house.  reposting from apartment therapy: Look! Gray Bedrooms

[image: TH Designs]

a few more after the jump

It’s all about gray and white in Eric and Lauren’s Reborn Bungalow.

The white really pops against the gray walls, and of course we like that there isn’t too much going on on the walls besides the gray in Polly and Ben’s Shangri-LA Bedroom.

A dressed up classic with bits of red and gold: Turquoise’s Luxury Hotel Bedroom


  • We put together these 2 images from Domino because we loved the way the white, black and turquoise mixed with incredible textures make the gray feel so inviting and warm.  And if these didn’t float your boat, check out some brighter colors options like adding some orange to your palette, or simply check out the psychology behind the colors you love.



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