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the rabbit hole


here is an interior that used stainless steel for its walls and other industrial materials. carlo reckons it’s a bit too cold but i kinda like it.  maybe a bit of accents in red would elevate it from its LOST rabbit hole look.  reposted from Apartment in Moscow by Peter Kostelov August 11th, 2009

Russian architect Peter Kostelov has refurbished an apartment in Moscow using industrial materials.


The project involved dividing a studio apartment to create separate spaces.


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grey walls this time


i recently posted a reblog on black walls.  ive already mentioned i painted my bedroom wall in the province a color grey.  most people were shocked by the idea but were pleased upon seeing the actual wall.  i mixed a cool platinum grey paint batch and gave the rest to my sister (who also then painted her bedroom wall grey).  im still looking for a wall treatment on the opposite side of my room.  maybe a glossy formica black wall or a black and white brocade as wall paper (at p1,400 per yard at larry’s, it’s pretty damn expensive), black slate tiles or a textured paint job.  anyway, here are a few other interesting grey wall options you might wanna do in your house.  reposting from apartment therapy: Look! Gray Bedrooms

[image: TH Designs]

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crazy upside down house in germany

cartus Crazy Upside Down House in Germany

the germans are crazy.  they built an upside down house because they wanted to.  if only we’d have the funds to also do this kind of crazy ideas.  wouldnt that be something?

reposting from Crazy Upside Down House in Germany via Interior Design, Decorating, Furniture, Architecture, Home & House Design Magazine by Lavinia on 9/11/09

  • This out of the ordinary house was designed for a special exhibition in Trassenheide Germany and is open to the public for visiting. The creators – Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk say they “didn’t built the house for a reason, they just wanted to do something different.” Similar houses were built before but this time not only the exterior is upside down, but every single room in the house and also the furniture. ”The world stands on its head” is the official name of the project. You will notice in the pictures how every arrangement seems very accurate and how all the main items in a normal house appear upside down in this design too. We salute this wonderful burst of creativity and we are looking forward for more out-of-the-box architecture.- via Impact Lab

updw01 Crazy Upside Down House in Germany

updw051 Crazy Upside Down House in Germany

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corned tuna


got a text last night to let me know the full version of the san marino tvc will be airing at 9pm. the dingdong-marian ad was shot on location in zambales, particularly on camara island.  wish theyd air a 45-seconder as the current version seems too short in fleshing out the telenovela-ish story.


for this ad, i worked on the set design mainly, dingdong and marian had their own respective stylists.  the beach bar/deli shop was a joy to look at, and it got roughly 4 seconds of screen time (lalo na yung first 2 frames of house interiors with about a second each hehe).  here’s posting more photos during the shoot.  kudos to the artdep lolafer, carlo, syrel, ivan and to buboy setman and his boys for a job well done.  yey!  more photos after the jump.

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pie and me in venice
, originally uploaded by paderewski.

a few of my friends are in venice right now for the venice film festival. bianca balbuena keeps tweeting about her trip through amsterdam and venice and i cant help but reminisce the time i went to italy. was there in 2005 with brillante mendoza, ferdie lapuz and actress cherry pie picache to attend the 1st rome international film festival for the world premiere of kaleldo. after the screening of the film, we took the train to venice and walked around for a day and half. it is indeed lovely and i wish we could have stayed longer in italy. ive blogged enough about the trip before <read here>. this is really just a pinch to remind me ive been there. funny why i have to do that.

lovely venezian sunset.  hayyy.  love it !

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nordic inspired interiors

this is great. lovely prints.  a danish designer worked on this.  according to decor8blog, “By Nord was founded by graphic designer Hanne Berzant and fashion designer Hanne Louise Roe Andersen. These two friends are inspired by Nordic nature which is quite evident in their work. But beyond being stylish, …this design is really taking that traditional cabin and lodge design up a notch to a more modern, sophisticated feel. ”

By Nord

By Nord

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