real LEGO gadgets! finally

LEGO gadgets
repost ito ha via Designboom – Weblog on 9/20/09

many unofficial LEGO gadgets have been on the market for some time now, but next month will see LEGO themselves release a digital camera and MP3 player developed together with digital blue.

LEGO worked with the atlanta-based company who specialize in children’s tech-products for a range of gadgets that includes walkie talkies, boomboxes, alarm clocks as well.

official LEGO digital camera by LEGO & blue digital (3 megapixel digital camera, color 1.5” LCD screen, holds 80 images)

‘our entrance into the youth electronics space will enable our fans to express themselves through photos, videos and music, while displaying their enthusiasm for one of the world’s all-time favourite toys’ said jill wilfert, lego group’s vice president of licensing.

the boomboxes can already be bought from digital blue online and from various leaked images it seems that a video camera and a mobile phone are also in the works though no release date has been announced.

official LEGO MP3 Player by LEGO & blue digital ( 2GB internal memory, 8 hours of playtime)

official LEGO boombox by LEGO & blue digital (CD player, AM/FM radio band, 2x 1W 2 channel speakers)

official LEGO alarm clock by LEGO & blue digital

official LEGO video camera by LEGO & blue digital – more

video camera renderings

LEGO x alcatel mobile phone – more

the decision for the family-owned, danish brand to step into the gadget market might mean official versions of the many ‘LEGO inspired’ products already on the market, here are just some of the many unofficial designs around:

unofficial LEGO MP3 Player – more

unofficial iPod dock – more

unofficial iPod dock – more

unofficial LEGO USB flash drives – more

unofficial LEGO USB hub – more

unofficial LEGO calculator – more


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