triptych: jhem

here is another short film we worked on for a class project back in 2002. we were tasked to group in teams of 5 (me with mike talampas and marco dela torre, from the salamin group, plus jm epilepsia and dennis domingo). the plan was to create a triptych of sorts with jm, mike and myself directing 1 episode each. marco scores the whole thing, dennis writes the screenplay, mike handles the camerawork and i edit everything. i have yet to upload the first two shorts but here’s the 3rd part, which i directed and edited. i was heavily influenced by lynch’s mulholland drive here. mind you, this was produced in 2002, and some sets we shared with the other shorts in this triptych. it was fun producing this but please dont take us seriously. hehehe

triptych: jhem stars ezer marin and reena david, two of ateneo’s best student actors and bestfriends of my cousin tootsie. most of our actors in triptych turn out to be ateneans. this short used to be titled jake but rockstar god and bestie jhem claims this is his story. ergo the change of name

🙂 cheers!


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