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After the evening service at the crl in UP, carlo and i headed to eastwood to meetup with his old choirmate, beckbeck. Most of the restos were closed so that narrowed our choices of places to eat. We almost settled for pho’hoa but decided to try something different. We eventually dined at blufish at the new eastwood mall.

Ordered manhattan chowder, louisiana gumbo, calamari salad and paella royale. A bit pricey but very good food, especially the paella. I liked the chowder and the basmati (or was it pilaf) rice they used for the paella.

After dinner, we hoped for desserts but since none were open, we headed for starbucks katipunan instead for some coffee and more chitchat about rollercoasters, new zealand and wax jobs. Fun, relaxed evening. Wish thered be more of this. It almost 2am and we just got home and the new episode of ugly betty has finished downloading so we’re watching that before turning in for the night hehehe cheers! And good night


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