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repost from spoon tamago
Carved by Naoki Terada by Johnny

CARVED top2 Carved by Naoki Terada

Naoki Terada of Terada Design has created Carved, a new clock with the numbers carved out. Although the product doesn’t appear to be stocked yet, Lemnos, who specializes in Japanese designer clocks, will be the sole distributor. If this doesn’t float your boat, Lemnos is stock full of designer clocks from the typographically-inspired to the, I-don’t-really-need-to-know-the-time-I-just-want-something-cool-on-my-wall clock.

Inspired by ancient sun dials, Kazuo Kawasaki created Hola. It even has an iPhone app.
lemnos Hola by Kazuo Kawasaki Carved by Naoki Terada

Makoto Komatsu took his signature wrinkled porcelain and applied it to the Wrinkle wall clock.
lemnos wrinkle by makoto komatsu Carved by Naoki Terada

Luminary designer Riki Watanabe and his simple yet gorgeous Riki Clock.
lemnos Riki Clock by Riki Watanabe Carved by Naoki Terada

Kanako Kajihara takes her experience as a textile designer for Issey Miyake to create the soft and delicate Syn.
lemnos syn by Kanako Kajihara 442x420 Carved by Naoki Terada


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