bored me

now that i actually have material to post on my blog i get really bored. there were too many events that happened when my family and i were in cambodia that i decided to post about it in segments. after the 2nd or 3rd article about siem reap i got bored. then came the shoot we did in the mountain province. took photos for blogging and i got bored posting again. i hoped it would have been easier since i was already in a bit of a roll. then tardiness and laziness crept in. oh well. 


6 thoughts on “bored me

  1. hexa10 says:

    I get that lull blog moment too. Getting excited over an event and documenting eagerly, then gets lazy and bored to post. The thing with blog is you have to get it out fresh, or else “panis” na. But I’m convincing myself to stir clear of that behavior, and post things even if they’ve long gone, parang ubber late homage na lang or sort of reminiscing what it was that passed. 🙂

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