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watched this again two days ago with carlo on 720p. still great. i enjoyed watching this in the theaters in 3D and i still enjoyed it at home. that scene with bilbo and gollum is still winner for me even the 2nd time around. it was somewhat how i pictured the scene when i read the book years ago. it’s true that thorin is just a few baths away from aragorn, he’s too beautiful and i loved this casting right away. martin freeman is perfect as bilbo baggins. cant wait for the other two movies.



  1. Nice review Ben. The movie is almost 3 hours long and the first hour of the film is slow. I realize that the movie needs build-up, but this time around, it wasn’t as interesting as in LOTR. I’m probably going to piss some people off by saying that, but it’s just what I felt.

    • thanks dan. i actually welcomed the pace of this movie, given also the fact that the book is divided into 3 parts of 3 hours each as suppose to the LOTR trilogy where each book was stuffed into 2-3 hours each only. this hobbit installment obviously builds up to the next part and i found it exciting still. the novelty of the LOTR has worn off now and we’re definitely used the environment of middle earth so the film actually just takes off from that and dives right into exploring the characters and the events. 😉 thanks for dropping by.

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