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heneral luna: happy people make happy sets

after a grueling race against time, the art department managed to finish enough of our train and station set for HENERAL LUNA to be able to shoot on time as scheduled last week. perhaps given another day of construction on location, sets such as this would have a bit more detail and more texture. as they say, works of art are always works in progress. that didnt stop us from celebrating when the day’s shoot packed up of course. and with pictures taken by our DOP, pong ignacio. (sorry, no photos of the set at this time)


bottom row: jetro, mike-abueg, sammy, iyah, arman, myself, carlo, kitch. next row: melven, docdoc, pollyboy1, chet, kuya jaime in white, vlad in the cap, kuya polly, mikee and monica right behind me, ciara, rhon. backrow: bong in red, rydel, pollyboys (sorry, i dont remember all of their names, will research), norman in blue, richard, mike with the buri hat. not in photo were ate lhen, lolafer, dianne, nikki (who decided to get a glass of water at this time and couldnt be found, hence she missed this).





and so we dance


i am a designer but i am nothing without a team that backs me up for everything that needs to be built and purchased and setup and stowed away after a shoot. i always believe that with the combination of talent, skill, time, and work put in by this people, we’d have a great movie. however, it also wouldn’t be worth doing if everybody was so cranky and serious. that is why i always pick easy-to-deal-with people and i like to keep my crew happy and not ngaragged as much as possible (new word, put it in webster. means, harassed and stressed out to the nth level). and of course, as they say, the more the manyer. thank you’re all awesome!

heneral luna day 25 done. 5 more days to go. gow!


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