there are giants in the sky

excited to see a much more meatier trailer for INTO THE WOODS now out on youtube.


INTO THE WOODS, written by stephen sondheim (words and music) and james lapine (book), is a musical originally staged on broadway in 1987. disney picked up the material about this subversive entanglement of fairy tale characters, most of which theyve made famous in animated features, and decided to produce the movie version with rob marshall (chicago) directing.

ive seen the awesome PBS recorded version of the broadway show so many times we might actually have stretched the betamax magnetic strip to render it unviewable. the original cast (bernadette peters, chip zien, joanna gleason, etc.) holds a special place in my heart so i do struggle thinking how this film might water down so many nuances and bold, adult themes and the trailer right now looks too serious for such a funny (and serious) material and it may turn out to be an inferior version. the film cast may be promising but the original broadway cast’s performance was so perfect, so, however, still, regardless, i have mixed feelings of excitement and fear and am anxious and thrilled and constipated and giddy and doing an i-have-to-pee dance in fevered anticipation. ugh. cant wait!

if you wanna see the PBS show before this movie comes out in the theaters, come by the house to watch. special screening!

sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched.

careful the things you say, children will listen. careful the things you do, children will see and learn.


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