Mad world

I thought i was having a bad day. My meeting got cancelled 10 minutes after i got in an uber and was on my way to makati. I thought the toilet at starbucks was occupied (the lock indicated it was) until after maybe 5 minutes i tried pushing the door and it swung open and the toilet was empty. I was having a headache the whole morning. They were all ingredients leading me to say i was having a bad day.

Then i start reading about the things on my timeline feed. My inconveniences are nothing compared to what was happening around me.

Last night, the faculty building in university of the phils campus was on fire until 11am this morning. Gone with it are the student’s submitted bluebooks and classcards as well as the professors irreplaceable collections of books, artworks, and what have you.

Farmers in south cotabato built a barricade on the highway because they wanted the government to give them attention. They were hungry and in need of aid because there was a drought and maybe for weeks they havent been able to grow anything. And then some mayor comes in and the police starts shooting at them. And all they wanted was rice.

A flyover in india was being built and the administration wanted to finish building it before the elections this month and a turover of government takes place. And a portion of the flyover collapses on a busy street intersection.

Somewhere in africa and the middle east, villages are pillaged and women raped, children burned, and the media turns their back. Brussels was recently attacked as well and despite the unfortunate selectivity of attention between 1st and 3rd world countries, we mourn those who lost their lives.

Im ashamed to be complaining. Forgive me. My heart goes out to everyone who are having a real, validated bad day. Because you had nothing to eat for days. Because you lost a good portion of your history in a fire. Because a huge concrete slab fell and killed your friends. Because you got shot at. Because you lost loved ones in acts of terrorism. Maybe life is not fair. So forgive me for complaining. I hope i could offer you comfort and a prayer. God bless everyone.


Being stuck in traffic is nothing compared to what's happening in the world


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