ive recently deactivated my social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter). it’s that time of year again when i find the need to purge myself from too much narcissism, negativity, and unenlightened commentary. also that since facebook isnt free on mobile internet it eats up my data plan too fast. and the whole political circus in the philippines has driven the last nail.

i cant be labeled as hipster/millenial, mainly because i missed out on a few years to be included in the demographic. and im not part of the generation X, whose label i found so cool i wished i was born a little earlier. however, i live in this generation where the need to post things publicly has assimilated into my cultural being, this 80s kid who lived through childhood without internet and cellphones. and survived!

hence, here i am posting this blog post. im still alive. im just in social media limbo. cheers!


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