cleaning up 2016

spent my last few days of vacation cleaning my mother’s house. well, our house in the province. threw out so many things that were mindlessly stuffed away when they could have been disposed of in the first place or have been organized properly so one may realize that there’s too much of the same thing salvaged. so i have made myself busy, yes.


sporting my grandfather’s hipster glasses. he passed away in 1986. may his glasses live on.

threw out empty boxes (gift boxes, appliance boxes saved, old whatever boxes still alive and unrecycled) stashed everywhere and succeeded in taking old books out of the house. i was able to have my termite-infested bedroom closet removed and in the process, organized everything that were stashed in them. it’s tricky to get my mother to let go of old clothing or her plastic containers. small victories though. easily convinced her i throw away expired stuff like medicine and medical supplies, food, and makeup.

my father’s stuff hasnt been properly sorted through since he died 3 years ago. i kinda went over a few things and with his worktable alone ive already stuffed one sack for disposing. his work area would require a lot of time to organize and dispose/donate/whathaveyou. ill do that in june when i get back.


essentially my childhood in 3+ plastic crates. 

as a packrat, it’s a miracle to have reduced my stuff and keeping just this amount of memorabilia. and it’s awesome to still have the book on airplanes gifted to you at 4 years old or that greeting card your dad sent you from the US during the ’84 olympics. apparently they still give me joy so im keeping them.

my vacation is short-lived and tomorrow i will have to fly back to manila. i hope ill do better cleaning katipunan since im there 90% of the year anyway. looking forward to more cleaning in 2017.


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