THE ARTFAIR or Why it is important to teach kids today how to appreciate art properly.

confeermed. tita ako!

yesterday, carlo and i went to the artfair at the link in makati. it is a 4-day art event where they transform a carpark building into a collective featuring different art galleries and curators showcasing their collection of artists and artworks yada yada.



every year a lot more people go to these things but this year was pretty crazy because of the popularity of the fair. more kids came but alas, they were totally oblivious on how to “behave” in spaces like this. i felt they just came to take photos or selfies. i wish we went earlier (like maybe when they opened just to avoid the young crowd) but we only make it to the weekend.


some kids were so excited they bumped into others and disturbing people who were enjoying the artworks just so they could get near the objects and take selfies. good thing the sculptures on the pedestals they bump into didnt topple over. the titas of katipunan is livid. but i was too exhausted to call them on it. there were several floors of art this year and i had to conserve energy.


nevertheless, im also glad the galleries come together to get into this, and more “everyday” people coming in to “appreciate” art, if not, to at least take selfies and declare themselves art lovers. something good will come out of this, im sure. i hope.


carlo teared up in the EJK exhibit (“silang mga walang pangalan). i did when i saw this photo. this was part of neal oshima’s photos on display (photo taken in 2014). i met this guy, ma’afil in 2004 in lake sebu when i went to work on a documentary of the t’bolis and their ancestral domain in a government-protected watershed area. i asked to buy one of his hegulungs without the tourist writings on it and when he came by to deliver it, i asked him to play the hegulung while i took a video. i did learn eventually he passed away around 2016 so it got me reminiscing and nostalgic when i saw his photo on display. rest in peace ma’afil.

here’s the link to my blog entry on lake sebu and ma’afil’s sister, y’egas.


ooh. also invaded the booth at the artfair and bought a few books. below is the las casas bajo de las campanas. the other book carlo and i bought was salvador bernal’s patterns of the filipiniana. another book was ethnic patterns of the philippines. so much fun! and good luck credit card. i couldnt afford the artworks on display so i just bought books instead.



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