the big bad wolf sale

the irony of me posting on twitter a few days before and me last night visiting BBW.

rc and bianca had original plans to visit the big bad wolf sale¬†after the awards show at resort’s world. since carlo and i generally had nothing to do afterwards (except sleep), we went along. i though to myself, if i do find some titles i planned to buy anyway, i might as well indulge.



the good thing about this is it’s 24 hours open. i know the whole thing opened a few days ago and will end on february 24, 2018. it’s a massive display of books it kinda reminds me of m/v doulos back in the 80s, which docked in cagayan de oro as part of its philippine tour and we were all excited to go buy our books.

the name big bad wolf reminds me of customer service wolf who works in a bookstore. lol


love this comic strip.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale originated in Malaysia and was founded by Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng in 2009. It is a regular event in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka; the 2018 event in Pasay will mark the first time it will be held in the Philippines.

Most of the books available come from the stock of Andrew and Jacqueline’s BookXcess, a bookstore that specializes in excess stock from international distributors.

while there was indeed a massive selection to choose from, i came home empty handed. i was practicing self-control because i am on a material-things-diet. books, as much as i love them, still counts for space in my room and i know i wont be able to read them as fast as i want and as long as that happens, i told myself years ago i shouldnt be buying new books (promise kept).

full disclosure, the last book i purchased was from fully booked just a week ago.

back to big bad wolf, i wanted to buy some books by douglas adams but they didnt feature the whole hitchhikers guide collection (the only ones available were book two and three i found miles away from each other– or maybe they ran out of the other titles) or that x-men tradepaperback graphic novel but eventually decided to pass. a lot of gorgeous interior design books but they were still quite expensive in general and by experience, they get outdated pretty quickly so ive actually stopped buying these years ago. i also tried to pick up a biography of alexander mcqueen and some books by h.g. wells. eventually i dropped them along the way and never looked back (sorry if im messing up the floor space by moving those few books around, i love you BBW staff).

on the whole, it was still encouraging to see people at 2.30AM still out and about bookshopping. there were also some kids with their parents so might be pretty exciting for young minds to be in this huge ass warehouse with all the books, noh?


BIG BAD WOLF is at the world trade center, pasay city. open 24 hours until february 24, 2018. cheers!