happy days are here again/ get happy

i thoroughly enjoyed last night’s glee duets episode. there were less gimmicks, no guest stars, no pop icons (britney spears, madonna etc).  then again, the songs are big on pop references. the glee stars channeled heavy names like julie andrews, tina turner, elton john, judy garland and ms barbara streisand.

more on the latter two, it would probably be unnecessary for lea michelle to sing again at the end of the episode but she and chris colfer did such an amazing job on “happy days are here again/ get happy” i had to post the vid. take note the image of the only available vid of this clip is flipped (lea michelle is really on the left and chris colfer on the right).

and here’s the original barbara streisand and judy garland

lea michelle’s fantastic singing streisand’s songs (dont rain on my parade, papa can you hear me). in fact, she’s prepped up to star in funny girl if the production gets off the ground (source). chris colfer’s version of “le jazz hot” is julie-lite but still fabulous. i loved naya and amber’s take on tina turner’s “river deep mountain high.” and of course dianna and new member chord overstreet’s “lucky” is indeed charming. im not sure but i think this is my first glee post. ive been watching since the trailer unveiled 2 years ago and im a huge fan. i wonder if finn will sing “gethsemane?” or charice tackle fame’s “out here on my own.” i wish i wish.