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CAPTIVE The Movie (formerly titled PREY)

dec 23 2011
since the announcement of brillante mendoza’s new film (formerly titled PREY) CAPTIVE’s inclusion in the 2012 berlin international film festival main competition and having my photos properly credited on the local news (thanks, tv patrol), i reckon it safe to repost and make public this blog article on the film, posted february 15, 2011  😉 merry christmas and enjoy!


benjamin padero-0141.jpg

here’s explaining my busy schedule for the last few months.  carlo and i worked on brillante mendoza’s new opus PREY (international title CAPTURED), shot in january 2011.  preparations took months and since november 2010 we’ve been going around the locations and meeting a lot with the director for this film. i had to stop doing tv commercials by december so i could focus on pre-production for the movie.

benjamin padero-0111.jpg

mon confiado evoking shawshank redemption in mauban quezon

i had to forgo a good amount of my christmas vacation and pretty much the new year’s celebration as well to work on the film. we started to shoot PREY by january 11, starting in calatagan batangas (which ive no photos of) then moved to mauban quezon.

benjamin padero-0150.jpg

the pensive tado

benjamin padero-0219.jpg

timothy mabalot

benjamin padero-0250.jpg

mon confiado

benjamin padero-0253.jpg

neil ryan sese

benjamin padero-0151-2.jpg

the gorgeous angel aquino

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