over, sideways, and under on a magic carpet ride

a journey through the heartlands of vineyard california

watched sideways last monday with drei and diane. the movie was very simple but very real. it helped that the production was independently produced (partly by fox searchlight) and directed by alexander payne, whose previous work on election, also portrayed rural america. in the film we find two friends on a wine tour through sunny california. along the way they encounter great wine, great sex, and a few cheeses in between. life and relationships were likened to wine which ages greatly in oak barrels, it’s consistency getting darker and clarity heightens every year. of course wine peaks and begins its descent to decay. yet its value rises and should be more cherished. people going through midlife crises find themselves on a similar path with the aging of wine, every moment cherished and life changing, chances taken and are explored, enjoyed, and lived. some things cant be taken for granted like binding friendship and marriage, new friends and old ones, red wine, chardonnay and pinoit. asteg the film, try to catch it while you can.

me wished we had more time to enjoy the night but i got a text that the ayala area was on alert due to bombing threats. of course i wouldnt want to argue with chances so it was bye bye early to both diane and drei.