food trip

trip to lunch 3: smairu


found another great japanese fast food place! by serendipity carlo and i stumbled upon smairu in the food court area of trinoma in quezon city. the stall was interestingly laid out and their menu featured typical japanese fare but it’s less expensive than kitaro, so that’s a good thing. i didnt think dilis flakes would go well with a chopped cabbage with mayo salad but it did. the teriyaki sauce had more body and went well with the nicely grilled chicken. their bento boxes came with miso soup already and 3 pieces of sashimi. perfect! carlo had his usual tempura and that was great too. so what happens now is that we go to trinoma just to eat at smairu haha. the theaters (which are awesome) are now just a 2nd reason to go

then we went to watch stardust. coolness.