i’m sick right now.  not sick in the head, but really sick.  i’ve been feeling something since wednesday evening already, i was sneezing like mad.  by thursday morning, my nose’s been running like hell.  by the evening i was feeling under the weather.  now i’m just sick.  anyway, life goes on and as the americans still try to pursue some military plan undetailed to the major populace i remain here in the house cold and alone. please save your pity to the children of the dust who, like that one who begged me for food while i ate a scrumptious meal of baconsilog at rodic’s, remain an untapped resource in the scheme of things.  they can be educated, they can be molded to be better citizens of our country.  if not for the money they would have been growing up mightily and strong.  i have no point here, allow a sick man to babble nonsense, if you may.  i have to go back to bed.


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