the matrix

hi!  i’ve been whining about wanting to watch the matrix again on video for quite some time now.  the video is actually available in the rental shop where i am a member of.  unfortunately, my finances do not permit me to indulge in such  hedonistic desires and so i would, in turn, just drown my sorrows in vinegar as i eat my baconsilog every lunchtime.  one not-so unusual night tootsie came home from watching a play celebrating womanhood and their vaginas and well, she got a patalikod for me.  she bought the matrix video (pirated) along with the terminator 2 and indiana jones and the last crusade.  she also got herself a burner for the computer.  what fun! 

anyway, we viewed indiana jones first as it was, hands down, the choice of the night.  tita tems of course is a major fan of harrison ford.  whoever among you out there who haven’t seen all of the indiana jones trilogy is missing out a lot!  the matrix, of course, is a… do i have to say what the movie is about?  there is a possibility that every household (in the world) who has an entertainment system has a copy of the video of this really really great movie. 

needless to say (but im still saying here), the movie, set in the not so distant future, depicts a world overrun by artificial intelligence much as the movies, terminator 1 and 2, are about a rebellion of humanity against a society of a.i. terminators (remember t-800 and the ultra cool liquid metal t-1000?  yes, they’re a.i.’s). 

a lot of us never realized that movies have been tackling the issues of artificial intelligence for years!  i’m no exception, it just dawned to me that the terminator movie, which my family have been watching over and over since its release in the 80’s is all about this terrifying vision of a future we wish not to live through.  nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, nuclear power, atomic bombs, nostradamus, the end of the world, Biblical revelations, bin laden and the world trade center… i’m straying from the point.  anyway, have you ever asked yourself what the matrix is?  or who God is?  what if God was one of us?  just a slob like one of us?  did any of you think that he did became one of us… enough digression


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