i just resurrected my site tonight.  thought id do something for a change.  the irony there’s i havent changed a thing yet.  my life i think was crap a few months back until i made peace with God’s graces and now im living out his will.  i was great last december but now i suddenly feel crappy again.  i have to bring this up to him up there and ask him to take his hammer and do some knocking on my cranium to wake me up. 

anyway for some news bits the up fine arts won all major awards (except 1) including over-all best lantern in last year’s lantern parade.  our class in fine arts also won best class (they say we did) mainly because our classmates did really great wasp and moth lanterns.  my group did crappy work (we did ladybugs) but not that im sourgraping or anything it’s just fact y’know. 

another news tidbit my sister recently got married to clapton asuncion last december 20.  the ceremony was pretty intimate (family only) and really personal (even the pastor was crying).  really sweet you’d have to be there to believe it.  congrats mati and clap.  i do pray you’d be guided always by the big guy up there who definitely loves you both and has already blessed you with so much.  im happy to have clap in the family and really blessed to see you both now together.  love ya both!


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