lotr: fellowship of the rings

im kinda on a lord of the rings roll here.  it’s the best fantasy film i’ve seen in a really long while!  back in december my brother-in-law, clapton, bought a pirated copy of the film.  it was shot from the cinema and was actually awfully captured, as most pirated cds of recent films are.  but i was enthralled and i couldnt keep myself from watching the film.  and so i stuck to viewing through 2 of the 3-disc copy and finally pried myself from the monitor to save the ending for a cinema screening.  it was really awesome and despite the really bad copy, i was hooked. 

fast forward when i got back in manila, my friends couldnt also stop talking about it and despite the almost 3 hour clock-in time of the movie, theyve seen it about 5 times.  i sat through almost 6 hours on my first screening a week ago and i intend to see it again in the theaters.  i do not wish to expand on what it is about.  it’s just a really engaging, interesting universe of worlds and characters, full of action and adventure.  a real adult kid’s fantasy.  jrr tolkien (john ronald reuel tolkien, read as tolkeen not tolkyen) started writing about the hobbits in the 30s with … “the hobbit” and 30 yeas later came out with the trilogy.  great great!  if you love the x-men and star wars and the narnian chronicles (by c.s. lewis, a friend of tolkien by the way), im sure youll go nuts with lord of the rings!  ian mckellen is so gandalf and everybody else in the fellowship is just so great great great.  the locations are perfect, the costumes are perfect, the mood is perfect, everything is just so good!  they finished filming the three books in 16 months so im assured the next two films are just as great as the fellowship of the ring.  i cant wait for next year’s release of the second movie.  anyway im betting on it grabbing the oscar for best pic of the year.  i mean, harry who?  nobody seems to remember any other movie after the LOTR’s release.  i love the moulin rouge but the lord of the rings movie is getting my vote this year.


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