at last my org in fine arts is on its way to becoming a real org.  who would have thought getting organized and electing officers only at the 2nd half of the last semester of the year?  anyway, im just happy we’re now with elected people we can “lean on” (more like point our fingers at when things go wrong).  but really, dont get me wrong the fact that most of the people i voted for and who i think would do great in those offices were elected.  my org in fine arts is CAM, camera as art movement.  we basically push to get cinema recognized as an major artform, however you define what art is.  one of our regular activities is screening obscure films like dancer in the dark, cinema paradiso, and buster keaton movies.  the org is ironing out plans to screen the 5-hour opus, batang westside, in the up film center in february.  our adviser was involved in the making of the film and so we kinda had that edge on getting the film for screening.  of course dili nalang mi gasalig ana busa trabaho pa pud mi etc.  another big activity we’re trying to put up is the annual in your eye film festival, showcasing indie videos (mostly student work).  that would be in march or something.


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