yesterday was tita tems’ birthday.  we celebrated it with the usual barangay 47-l fare: spaghetti and coke.  also served that night were kfc chicken and abunda manga float.  present were toots’ guests: gigi, leo, andrew, and larry; my guest: faisal; ta tems’ friends: joven and pines, and then ej and miel’s proxy, jon.  miel couldnt be there, may exam daw.  tootsie and i realized during the evening that we never had anything to eat the whole day.  i was out doing the groceries and when i got back home i was cooking and cleaning already.  it never occurred to me that i was hungry (or wasnt, for that matter) or nalipasan nalang ko.  anyway we all had fun during dinner, faisal sat beside his professor joven and was so well-behaved.  pati si joven, pagabot sa wine, well-behaved pud kay naa iyang studyante tapad.  si andrew naginom ug orange cappuccino, muy interesante daw.  gigi arrived singing and was surprised to find the house full of guests already, na-ulaw kadali.  si leo, nag-immersion, nanghugas ug baso, si faisal iyang amo.  si ej, larry and jon murag dragon sa sala.  topic of the night was still lord of the rings.  nuff said.


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