it’s thursday and i found time to do my laundry. on account that i couldn’t be in the house long enough to do it, my pile of dirty clothes has now reached a peak of a meter and it’s been about a month since my last washing day. congratulate me on this; it’s not easy balancing out domestic chores and really wild, time-consuming, mind-boggling, physically challenging, emotionally stressing academic requirements. grabe na.

we’re rushing the artwork of a comic book my group is doing, hoping to meet the midweek deadline we’ve set next week, and we have to do it in dennis’ house since he’s the one who’s got the scanner. then the files we’ve scanned are sent to mike’s so that he could color them in adobe. then later it’s in my house where we’ll layout our pages and burn it to cd so that we could send it to the printer’s in psd format. the creative and production process sounds easy but the logistical considerations are a nightmare and we don’t even have money to fund this venture yet. none of the companies we’ve contacted have returned call. and i as group leader, will have to carry all this and some as part of my responsibilities. heaven, help me.


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