food trip

i decided to change some things in my diet. a few weeks back a friend got sick. although it nothing to do with relation to the cause of his sickness i was pushed to reflect on what im doing to my body. im really an unhealthy eater, i eat at way-off times in the day (4pm for lunch and 9 for dinner with no breakfast) and am a confessed carnivore, kung sa bisaya pa karne gyud. i only eat pork if i could help it. i never bother to eat other stuff even for just variety’s sake. now im trying to change all that. im not getting any younger and although im thinner than most people i might die first of a high cholesterol-high blood combination than, say faisal alih.

thus i am now eating my veggies and proud of it. im also now eating chicken and fish than just looking for baconsilog or lechon kawali. ive stopped eating the fat off my pork years ago but now im eating less of the meat itself too. im adding a little more fiber in my diet. i make it a point to have some greens. on some days i eat a fruit during my supposed breakfast time. it’s getting more expensive but i do think the rewards will be worth it. i was even surprised myself when on the morning after i decided to change my diet i ordered chopsuey rice and enjoyed it. i now buy oranges and apples and my favorite bananas for munchies instead of junk food (anyhow i dont really look for junk food).


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