the patrick swayze movie, “ghost,” is currently being shown in hbo. although we sat through that a week ago, we’re still watching it. i really dont know why. it’s actually one of those movies that you loved as a kid then find out much later in your life that it’s really crappy, kinda like kevin costner’s robin hood. we really went crazy over that movie thinking kevin of locksley was one cool hero and patrick swayze was a really cool, romantic ghost movie person thing. after 10 years or so you go back and watch these films and think what the…? the acting of kevin costner was really crappy as is patrick swayze’s. all is not lost though.

there are still things about those movies that make them worthwhile to go back to– at least on those moments when they actually appear onscreen. whoopi goldberg is really great in ghost, she’s so funny and made her character so memorable that even years after i saw i still remember that the account number of rita miller is 926-31043. she deserved that oscar she got in ghost. as for the robin hood film, morgan freeman was great. then again, he’s always good in movies he is in despite of kevin costner or some other leading actor he has to contend with. here’s a quote from ghost for you:

“Name, please?”
“Rita Miller.”
“And your account number?”
“Well, Ms. Miller. It looks like you’ll be withdrawing four million dollars today.”
“Four million dollars?!!!”
“Is that correct?”
“(whisper) Say yes. Say yes!”
– Bank accountant, Rita, and Sam,


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