food trip, musings

today had been a good day. despite the intense heat i really had a great time. around 10 in the morning faisal alih came by the house and we went out to brother’s burger to eat their coño burgers. my friends from FA came to the house to resume work on the book we currently want to get off our hands. we did much today, and the book’s almost done except that we dont have money to have it printed. anyhow that didnt dampen my spirit today although it was still something we thought about the whole day. in the afternoon tootsie came home after getting her yearbook (she’s graduating earlier than i am — sigh) and we had a fun time looking through really great creative poses and okra-izing the really crappy ones too.

i left the house at 6 to meet up with pk and ronnie and we had a short meeting of sorts at the church. although before i left the house i cooked dinner pk, ron, and i went out to eat. butch later followed at the khas food stop where we ate. i had keema with chicken (they ran out of squid) and three cups of rice. then when we were heading for home and i was about to queue in for the katipunan jeep gemini texted me obviously wanting companionship for a lonely friday night. ron had to go to his frat’s party so gem was my date tonight. we went to gayuma and had coffee. i “unburdened” to gem all my travails in the past two weeks of work and play. later on ron caught up with us as we left the cafe. we hung out at the expresso in the strip (bad bad benjamin) and heard an earful from ronnie about my career options. now im home again, tired but still working. and still hungry. however i have to work on this graphic novel project. nevertheless im taking this break to “unburden” my baggage for tonight so that tomorrow i can fully enjoy life’s new blessings.

gracias ginoo


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